Living Faith Church, Warri

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The Youth-Alive Fellowship is the arm of the Living Faith Church dedicated to the youths and singles in the ministry. It oversees all youth activities and youth programmes of the Church. Its main objective is to encourage and ensure the total development of the spirit, soul and body of the youths and singles in the ministry.

Our Youth and Singles ministry at Winners Chapel, Effurun, is designed in a unique way to enhance the value of every individual and set them up for supernatural accomplishments. This youth and singles ministry is specifically focused on raising people with a difference. A great deal of attention is given to the needs of the youth and singles and areas like destiny, relationships and marriage and finance are given special attention. We believe in empowering the youths and singles spiritually thus transforming them into agents of change.​

Aims and Objectives of the Youth-Alive Fellowship

  • To operate as the umbrella body for all youths in the Church.
  • To harmonize spiritual and social development of the youths through various relevant programmes.
  • To act as a bond of unity among the youths.
  • To coordinate youth activities within the Church and campuses.
  • To encourage the practice of traditions and values of the Church.
  • To imbibe the spirit of the Commission.
  • To effectively coordinate the Annual International Youth Alive Convention.
  • To raise an army of visionaries with a view to promoting their leadership potentials.
  • To give the youth a productive orientation and a contributor’s mentality
  • To educate the youth on the traditions of this commission and impartinto them values that have made the Living Faith Church renowned.

Core Values of the Youth-Alive Fellowship

  • Spirituality
  • Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Responibility
  • Integrity