Living Faith Church, Warri

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MY CASE IS DIFFERENT! I joined this Commission on June 12th, 2015. Sometime last week, I was informed by elder sister, that her kids had been missing for four (4) days. However, instead of apprehension, I was calm and asked my sister to be assured that her children would return unhurt. Later that night, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I danced for several hours, waving the prophetic Mantle in appreciation to God. I also expectantly held unto this prophetic declaration “As long as you are under the prophetic covering of this Commission, evil shall never befall you or anyone connected to you” uttered by Pastor Folaji. God confirmed the counsel of His messenger, for my sister’s kids were supernaturally rescued from the den of kidnappers. Secondly, I received a call from a doctor, who was acting on my sibling’s behalf, instructing me to pray for her safe delivery, for she had gone into labour and suffered some complications, which resulted in severe bleeding. In response, I boasted thus “My case is different… I am not permitted to shed tears of sorrow for any member of my family.” The next day, my sister was safely delivered of her child. I have come to return all the glory to the God of this Commission. Praise God!